Friday, March 2, 2012

A Small Rendering of Your Little World

Switching gears today into some sketches and ideas for sketches.  Sorry.

I'm beginning to understand why most families have 2,003,302 pictures of their firstborn kids, and The Subsequents are left pretty much undocumented.  The overload of information and stories and busyness overwhelm any wish to record things as they are.

A while back, I had it in my mind to avoid that.  Specifically, I wanted to describe a certain time, maybe only part of a single day, for Caroline.

I was looking for the ordinary, how things might seem to a 19 or 20 year old Caroline walking around on or about the day she was born.  Here was my note to myself:
Describe the world that Caroline has come into.  Chronicle the little things, the everyday differences that would be obvious to us now, but invisible to say, my parents, in 1976.  Record the immediate world, as if walking around and through it with a video camera.
That's a little ambitious, and by that I mean "completely freaking impossible."  But still, what average, everyday, forgotten, unimportant things might grab Caroline's attention?  Her dad with hair?  Jack as a little guy?  (He's now 6' 8".)  The width of people's bluejean legs?  The clunky, nascent technology of the past?  $5 coffees?  (They're $250 in her world.)

It's partly impossible because I'm lazy, but also because it involves predicting the future.  But maybe there's some worth in generalization.  I had a bunch of bullet points, in no particular order.  They ranged from politics to technology to culture.  But I won't bore you with that slag.

My next set of impossible to complete notes:
Profile people in [Caroline's] life, maybe just immediate family, especially Jack.  Boy, that'll be fun!  Frank, honest, short.  Who are we?  What is our little family?  Where do we fit in the world?  These things will be, perhaps, important.  Maybe make a series of it, or not....
We might explore all that sometime.  What about you guys?  What struck you when you welcomed your second kiddo?  What did you want to say to them?  What did you want them to know about the family they came to?

Photo Captions:
These were snapped at dusk as I flew along the road to pick up some Thai on February 11, 2012.

You can barely pick up my car's doorframe in the top right.  We all ate curry and rice and pad thai and spring rolls back in the hospital room.

Majesty pointed out to me later that some of these clouds look like an applauding audience.  And how.

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