Friday, April 20, 2012


The video pretty much sums up our first heavy-duty (exactly 10 hour) car ride with Caroline.  She's a great, sweet little gal that only cries in extremity.

But boy, was the last 15 minutes of that trip the very definition of extremity.  Watch this:

We really lost it when Jack, ever the helpful owduh bwuvuh, decides to either mock, mimic, help out, or just plain go with the flow, in between bites of his M&M cookie.

Majesty remembers,  at about the 9:52 mark, that we actually have a passy in the car with us (Girlity Girl isn't normally interested in those).  Fixed her right up.  Mostly.  Okay, it bought us 5 minutes.

Other Easter trip highlights include Jack and Poppa playing telephone with a pool vacuum hose.  Like so:

We did it all.  Went for a boat ride in about the best weather you could ever hope for.  Jack decided to top that off with falling in the pool.  Just for kicks, Jack and Poppa got in for a proper swim later on.  They even talked me and Uncle Blake into it.  The water was about 13 degrees.  Or at least it felt that way for the first minute of sheer agony.  Was nice and refreshing afterward.  Jack swam until he shook uncontrollably, having to be cajoled into getting out.  He then went right back in and we talked him back out a second time.

The Dude even got his own day, officially known now as Jack's Day, I guess, with me and Poppa.  And we did what guys do when they're unsupervised:  Callaghan's for bacon cheeseburgers, a quick turn through the park, and a trip to the Old Dutch for ice cream.

Santa Claus himself couldn't have hooked Jack up with a better day.

Speaking of that crowd, the Easter Bunny came to see everybody on Sunday.  Or at least we had solid evidence that he'd been around.  Presents, half-eaten carrots everywhere, that sort of thing.

Probably the highlight of the weekend was seeing the table stuffed with the 3 grandkids.  It was loud.  Messy.  Noisy.

That's all I got.  What, like you expected more?  Like the tons of Easter pics on my camera at home?

C'mon, dude.  You know better.

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Jennifer said...

That is beyond funny. The calmness with which Jack gazes over at Caroline and joins in gave me a side splitting guffaw.