Friday, April 27, 2012

The Friday

Barely scraping by today, so you get what you get.  This is taken almost verbatim from Majestad, so credit where credit's due.  Basically you're getting a bulletpointed boil down of developmental issues, sorry.  I would respectfully point out, however, that it is free of charge:

Not many of you probably have any familiarity with this, since I was raised essentially one (or more) generation(s) back from my actual age, but do you remember blood brothers?  Like real deal Lone Ranger and Tonto blood brothers.  Me and my late childhood best friend literally swapped blood in a handshake.  Because that's what you did.  The 2012 version is apparently more antiseptic.  Majesty overheard Jack and his buddy talking a couple of weeks ago:
Jack: "Hudson, you are my brother!"
Hudson: "Yeah!"
Apparently Jack was pretty convincing because Hudson's mom reported that he also told a neighbor that Jack was his brother.  I had no idea it was that easy.

Incompetent Daddy:  Jack, what does "hilarious" mean?
JackIt's a lizard.
Other tricks and talents, for the record:
The Dude can pat his head and rub his tummy.  He does this during church.  Standing on the pew.  Facing backward (we sit very near the front).  Yeah.

He's pretty good at tongue twisters.  You heard me.

He makes up bed all by himself, every morning.  Now, I had to see this myself (via CIA drone monitor) to believe it.  Some days it looks eerily professional, too.

When Caroline gets fussy, Jack can actually rock her in her little rocker seat thingy and sing to her.  She stops crying immediately, and he usually sings Zippity Do Da (yes, really) or Blue Skies and Rainbows.   It's awesome.

We spent last Saturday at the park with some friends.  Was just pristine outside.  Playing soccer, riding bikes and scooters, chasing dogs... Jack was so exhausted the next day he took a nap.  A 3 1/2 hour nap.  Which is incredible.  Like Iran immediately relenting on that whole nuke program thing kind of incredible.  Jack then stayed in bed listening to music for another 30 minutes.  We were flabberstounded.

Jack, we're finding, is a social animal and absolutely must be around people for at least a little while everyday.  Or he's a lunatic.  Err... more than usual.

On to the other one.  The day Caroline turned 10 weeks she rolled from her tummy (unfavorable position) to her back (favorable position).  She did this on the floor.  Twice.

Did I mention we're using 6-month size clothes on her?  She is approximately 2 months.  Hmmm....

She is still a great baby (we're keeping her,  as we've lost the receipt and all).  She sleeps all the time, something we've never had much direct experience in handling.  Majesty tells me she does great when she's taken out for the day (the park, whatever).  From H.M.:
She's a total daddy's girl and stares at [E.C.] enough that other people notice.  I can rarely put her to bed at night.  She pops her head up and looks around for [E.C.] until he comes in to get her.  Then she settles down and goes to sleep in about 2 minutes.  She usually sleeps until about 5 or 5:30am but sometimes waits until 6:30!
If you make eye contact with her she immediately starts "talking" to you and will coo until you look away.  This sort of thing is entertaining for us parent folk.  Trust us.

And there you have it.

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