Friday, May 11, 2012


Had almost a complete post finished when it struck me.  "Dude, this seems pretty familiar."  I went back and looked, and darn it if it wasn't almost verbatim from something I wrote a long time back.  That's definitely a bad sign.  It indicates (1) senility (2) that I'm fresh out of stuff (3) senility and (4) the onset of senility.

You know what was worse?  The old one was better.  WAY better.  I can't tell you how much that depresses me.

Overheard last week:
JMW:  *Very seriously at the dinner table, with his foot on the table leg* "I've got my foot on the footpropper."
Parental Units:  *Dying laughing*
JMW:  "I told a joke!"
Okay, maybe you had to be there.  Next.

We had lots of family firsts this week.  I list those I can recall (senility, remember) in no particular order:

Jack went to our Cajun dentista.

Caroline went to Sunday School.  She'll soon be smarterer than any of us.  It's a good thing, too, because we're in desperate need for some effective and insightful leadership in this place.

Everybody went berry picking while I was catting around in Florida at a "conference."  For "work."  Nobody's going to be surprised to hear that Jack ate about 86% of what he picked.  I wonder about the observer effect with this one.  If we had never read Berries for Sal, would The Dude have eaten just as many?  We'll never really know.

First ballet.  Somewhere, there's grainy video of Jack pirouetting around on the amphitheater's lawn just dancing his little feet off while the Houston ballet did its thing with Giselle.  All of us were Googling what a male "ballerina" was called, because, y'know, first, we're uncultured and had no idea.  And second, we wanted to head that whole ballerina thing off at the pass before it got momentum.  Turns out one is called a danseur.  If you're great at it, and have the lead, you're the premier danseur.  That's free.  You're welcome.

First week of swimming.  Surf's up.

First cherry tomato of the year.  Let the war with the birds begin.  Somebody's gonna die.  AND IT'S NOT GOING TO BE ME, YOU TOMATO-EATING FEATHERDUSTERS.

And this was fun.  It's incredibly diverting to annoy famous people.  I've got some really nice video of Torre talking Barry Bonds.  Make me an offer.

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bebe said...

wow-big week! and I love the reference to the 'foot-propper'! Sweet Caroline looks beautiful as usual! And how 'bout you rubbing shoulders with Joe Torre! Pretty cool! And yes, the berry-picking trip was a total success, as was the visit to the dentist.