Friday, June 8, 2012

Our First Guest Post!

Majesty here.  El Comodoro needed a few days to recover from some big happenings at work so I am filling in this week.  Here are the top headlines for the week:

We had our first night out since the little one was born!  El Comodoro had a big fancy dinner thingy downtown and I got to tag along and watch him in action.   My poor brain is mostly mush now from nursing and lack of sleep so unfortunately I couldn’t tell you what the presentations were about to save my life- but he sure did look nice!  It was nice to be out for a little while, but I was happy to get back home.  And I came home to the sweetest little girl waiting up for me- with a big smile on her face!  So happy she did so well without me!  Jack was sound asleep when I checked on him… so he decided to welcome us home sometime around 2:30am- oh but he’s sweet in the middle of the night… “Mommy, I want to sleep with you and daddy, in the middle of your bed”.

In other news,  JACK CAN SWIM!!!! After about 4 lessons with Miss Casey, Jack is paddling around and even picking up beads on the floor of the shallow end!  He moves so fast he looks like a little baby dolphin!  Miss Casey was extremely impressed and said she wouldn’t normally even think about teaching the backstroke to a three year old- but Jack is ready!  We are so pumped that he worked so hard and got it!   I was watching him swim today and he is obsessed with going underwater.  How he doesn’t choke I’ll never know.  He goes under with a big smile and comes up with a big smile too.  And, he has of course, figured out how to talk underwater. 

Other random things I don’t want to forget:

Caroline moved into a size 3 diaper last week- she’s 3 months old!!  I am not a big person - I don’t know how I have such giant babies.  She also sat up in the Bumbo last week.  I could have put her in it 2-3 weeks earlier but I hate that this time is going by so fast.  It was killing me to see her sitting up in that seat like a big girl, and her just smiling away.  Before I know it she’s going to be as big as Jack (don’t even get me started on him turning 4 this summer!)

Today was my birthday- it was one of my best ever.  I got to sleep late, taken to lunch by my sweet hubby, Jack sang “Happy Birfday” to me all day long and Caroline smiled at me all day long, I got lots of birthday wishes, my mom did my laundry for me and we had pizza for supper… it was a good day!


Jennifer said...

Yeah for guest posts! And Happy Birthday to you! Glad to hear that you guys were able to have a night out.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear your "voice"! I can't believe Caroline is already so big and yay for Jack swimming. I know that is some relief since you have a pool! Your b'day makes me think of your "surprise b'day" Kellly and I threw you with a ragtag group of ranrom people! Ha!