Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Quick Update Written out of Pure Guilt

I've already burned all this week's writing time on the last post.  But I feel compelled to provide a quick family update so nobody forgets who we are and whatever is going down over here.


Caroline looks more grown up every day.  Yesterday it was just striking how much she had changed.  Or maybe I'm just not paying attention.  That's a possibility.

We've got quite the little relationship going on, we two.  I can gawk at her from across a room and get a coy little smile back.  Irritates Majesty to no end.  "I'm the one that gets up with her three times a night!" she says.  Tough cookies, I say, while reminding her that Jack didn't have any use for me for about a year there in aught-8 or aught-9.  Doesn't really help.

Have I mentioned the littlebitty gal is LOUD?  I mean, deafeningly loud.  Horn on a cruise ship loud.  Neon green socks loud.  Everyone's got a talent, I suppose.

We're trying to keep Jack entertained and constructive this summer.  Despite no school.  Despite all the rain.  When it's not raining, mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds fly around like CIA drones.  But I'm not complaining, since my trees are all alive and well less than 12 months after the worst drought in Texas history.  The pool remains open for SCOOOBA DIVING, Jack says.

We just returned from a little family get-together this past weekend in Dallas.  It was particularly great seeing all the cousins and half cousins and cousins in laws and relations of every other sort.  It's something that we don't do enough.  My 1st cousin Kelly and her hubby Bill were good enough to let us invade and almost completely destroy crash at their place.

My side of the family lives generally in Texas, but as most know, the state's sort of a big place.  A few of us live over 9 hours apart.  Theoretically, I could fly to London before my car could hit the Lubbock city limits.  Dallas still evokes some pretty strong memories for me, and simply driving through it feels just plain weird.  Hard to believe we've been gone over five years, now.  The weather was great, no matter what anyone tells you.  When we hit town, it was 107 degrees.  And it felt GREAT.  I'm telling you, for us it was like being in Phoenix.  SWEAT ACTUALLY EVAPORATES AS ORIGINALLY INTENDED.

We had it in our minds to visit Wild About Harry's, the most ridiculously good frozen custard/hot dog joint in the known universe.  A Captain America milkshake was in my future, I thought.  Didn't happen, as we bolted town just a hair bit too early and the chilrun were already settled in on the drive.  Ah well, next time.  But I say that every time.

Next business trip up there, I'm hiring a cab and going, even if I miss my flight.  I'll post pictures of me in a dark suit by the giant (smiling) hot dog outside.

Some day, H.M. and I will sneak into town and spend an entire opulent weekend hitting every awesome restaurant up there that we miss.

Uh, assuming they're still open.

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