Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jack 101: Unconventional Trip Preparation

I saw this helpful little presentation a few weeks back called "The Art of Packing" from the kind folks at Louis Vuitton.  (Don't ask.)  I guess they feel guilty about liberating 3,000 clams from you in exchange for a loud vinyl gym bag.  They're trying to give something back, man.  I digress.

Hey, stuffing junk into a bag is not as intuitive as you'd think.

Jack's packing up several times a day now to go "camping."  We've no idea where he got this idea from, as per usual.  Majesty won't be caught dead in a tent unless it's pitched inside a chilled and tastefully appointed hotel room.  I can take it or leave it.  It helps to have (1) a place nearby featuring nice weather in which to camp and (2) people that would likely go with you if you ever found such a place.  So let's see... that's a no, and er, another no.

But Jack's gearing up for his trip to Nowheresville anyway.  He stuffs a spare (adult-sized) orange daypack chock full, adds a black duffel that nobody ever uses over his shoulder and parades around like he's on safari in 1926.  Minus the pith helmet.  Because he left that at Grammy and Grandpa's.  Seriously.

LV notwithstanding, Jack has his own method of packing up.

If you're almost four, are intent on blowing town, and/or are certifiably crazy, here is your official packing list:
1.  13 T-shirts
Thirteen.  Apparently he's planning on either sweating a lot or eating plenty of oatmeal.  Or both.
2.  1 pair of shorts
That's faith, right there.
3.  1 pair of underwear
...and THAT'S faith to move mountains.
4.  Caroline's pacifier and clip
Was wondering where that went.  And uh, it's getting a bit weird, Jack.
5.  Spider-Man jammies
I totally get this.
6.  Paper towels
Unconventional, but practical.  Well played, sir.
Last night, Majestad was narrating as she unloaded his wares.  "There.  There's your blog post, right there."

Thanks, babe.


bebe said...

wonder what he'd pack if he was expecting cold weather?? or rain...or BEARS???

Jennifer said...

That's great! Your choice of t-shirt can say a lot about you. So, maybe he was giving himself options for any situation that might arise.