Friday, August 31, 2012

The First Decade

What were you doing on August 31st, 2002?  Don't remember?  I know for darn sure what I was doing.  Getting hitched.  Legal.  Respectable.  Being made an honest man of.  Tying the knot.  Matrimonialized.  Married to, as it happens, the beautiful, kind and feisty little soul that I love more than my life.

This isn't a wedding photo, because there is absolutely zero chance I would be caught dead tearing out photos from the Imposing Big Black Embossed Wedding Album.  You remember wedding albums, yes?  This is like a 1,000 years ago, before Facebook.  Heck, before Picasa.  May have been 1,500 years, even.

From the archives, ladies and gentlemen, I give you... THIS.

That is one smoking hot chick.  No idea who the dude is, though.  Friend of mine, probably.  Looks trustworthy.

So what do you talk about at breakfast after ten whole years of marriage?

Her:  I'm going to Trader Joe's to get dessert for tonight.
Him:  Nah, I'll go over there.  Whatcha want?
Her:  No, you're already getting sushi.  I'll do it.
Him:  Well, that's where I was going to get your flowers.  Get yourself some flowers, then.  They've got really good flowers.
For the record, she thought my being a pragmatic jerk was funny.  Because, after all this time, that's how the woman copes.

"Thank you for my beautiful flowers!" 

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Donna said...

Beautiful couple! Happy anniversary. I miss HM. We have got to figure out how to visit!