Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes, Your Child is Difficult

Every parent overestimates their child to some degree.

He is SO SMART.  Mine gets into MORE TROUBLE.  She was talking/reading/walking/playing the didgeridoo BEFORE ANY OTHER KID.  He NEVER SLEEPS.

So parents overhype their kids.  I know, I know.  In other news, water is wet.  So what?

Well, it's natural to do.  The things you see as a parent are stunning, like exploring a wild jungle that no outsider has ever visited.  You see beautiful, frightening things there for the first, and maybe the only time in your life.  You'll replay these events and scenes over and over in the coming decades.  It's all quite incredible, and not easy to describe to nonparentals.

But there are some people, and you may never know quite who they are, that put up with more than the rest of us.  A lot more.

I give you this little gem by the brilliant Tim Dalrymple.

Philosophical Fragments - Yes, Your Child is Difficult

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Donna said...

Oooh. That brought back memories. And no, people who have had easy babies (I had three easy ones) have NO IDEA what a HARD, strong-willed, smart, but with endless, boundless energy baby is- it is a WHOLE different ball game. I'm tired thinking about it. The first three years of motherhood I told people I wanted a shirt that says "It's not my fault". But from where I sit now- that "difficult" baby/toddler is a complete angel now- the easiest child ever. :)