Friday, November 9, 2012

Get Back, JoJo

Get back! Get back! / Get back to where you once belonged
1.  Jack and I went to pick up some garlic at the store (For pesto and fumigating for VAMPAYUWHS.  He's obsessed with VAMPAYUWHS.  Great.).  Get Back came on the radio right before we get out of the truck.  Insistently, Jack asked me with this very serious, WhatchootalkinboutWillis look on his face, "Daddy.  Daddy.  Why do they tell him to get back?" 

Just for fun, I give you the full rooftop concert video.  It's only about 20 minutes or so.  It's really great... until the cops show up.  Incidentally, Paul's Most Interesting Man in the World look here is what I think I'm shooting for:  Savile Row from the neck down, Grizzly Adams up top.  All I need is the full beard, man!

2.  The Hissle is Jack's term for what Caroline does when she gets all kinds of tickled.  Here's the method to reenact it, because we think it's really better experienced first hand:  Put your teeth together.  Now scrunch your nose up towards your eyebrows, making those nostrils just comically huge.  Yes, it's pretty attractive.  Smile while crinkling up your eyes deviously.  Now breathe in and out excitedly through your nose, preferably right in someone else's face, making a noise somewhere between a whistle and a hiss.

You are now hissling.

3.  Proper Jack 'o Lantern care and nutrition?  Pro tip:  Jack feeds them acorns.

4.  We hate, despise, abhor, and loathe ragweed.  If you are a ragweed, or associate with ragweed, you're not welcome here.  Adios.  The whole family has been sick for weeks.  Weeks.  I'm investigating napalm availability on Amazon.com.

I'm out.  All I got.  But hey, THE BEATLES!  Right?  Right?  Okay, I'll stop.

The Beatles - Rooftop Concert (London Original... by STARDUST72

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