Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An Actual Conversation

(Filed jointly under You Just Never Know Sometimes and Where Did This Child Come From, Anyway?)
Jack:  "Mommy, an angel came to visit me last night."
Majesty:  "Really?"
Jack:  "Yes.  He told me to leave Texas and go to a far away place called... Washington.*"
Majesty(laughing) "Yes?"
Jack:  "Yes.  Queen Elizabeth says that is a safe place because King Herod is mad that me and Caroline were born."
Majesty:  "So do we have time to pack?  Or do we need to just leave?"
Jack:  (big smile at the thought of packing his suitcase)  "Oh! We have to pack first..."
She emailed me shortly after:  "He's probably got 55 t-shirts in his suitcase by now."

*State,  not District.


Roxanne said...

The gene pool at your house is both deep AND complex. What a kiddo! In other news, it sounds as if he's paying attention to his Bible stories and World Leaders Past and Present.

Jennifer said...

Best story ever! That just completely made my day, and I agree with Roxanne, I am very impressed with his attention to both the Bible and World Leaders.

bebe said...

Yeah!! But I would have to go buy some t-shirts!!!

Donna said...

No angel would send a Texas boy to hippie Wash state. He must have misheard. :)

In other news- that boy is hilarious and super scary smart.