Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Tying of the Loose Ends

I can't see a coherent way to put this stuff together, so off we go, incoherently grouped:

Pointless Stories with Pictures!
Check this out.  It's truly amazing what you can find in a LEGO set.  There I was, friends and neighbors, furiously creating LEGO greatness with Jack this weekend, and what do I see?  Whoooeeeee!  The Cajun Turkey Frying Set.  (Not to be confused with the related but completely different Crawfish Boil Set.)

Stories But No Pictures!
I was getting Jack and I dressed one Sunday morning in Alabama this past Christmas.  I told Jack to remind me when we got back to Texas to shine his shoes.  The white of each saddle ox was all scuffed and dirty on the toe.

He ran off, right there in the middle of getting his shoes tied.  Annoyed, I hassled him, “Jack!  Jack!  Come back here.  I haven’t finished tying your shoes yet.”  He streaks back into the room with a flashlight.

“Jack.  Really?  I mean, a flashlight?  Now?  We’re late for church, man.”

And with his best incredulous, pitying look, he says, “I have to shine my shoes!”

(He might as well have added, “You old fool.”)

Old Blurry Pictures, No Story Whatsoever!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are adorable. The story is adorable. The photo on the couch is particularly hilarious to me as I recall many such photos of my own children and their cousins. Classic.