Friday, March 8, 2013

Dispatches from the Front

Majesty sent this email today:
"Mommy, have you heard of a word called 'justice'?  It's a church word."

We talked about that a few minutes.  He thought about it for a minute then I hear...

"Mommy, I got another one... What about the word 'popular'?"

Vocabulary words for today- check!
Gratuitous Bonus Material from a Band I discovered Approximately 22 Hours Ago
1.  Stick with the low sound for a bit.  You'll be rewarded.
2.  Guitar Dude is now my new official Hair Idol.  I salute you, sir.

1 comment:

Roxanne said...

Most excellent--the vocabulary acquisition, Guitar Dude's hair, and most DEFINITELY the music. Wow.