Monday, April 29, 2013

Majesty Speaks! Again.

It’s my turn to blog again.  So I’m just going to write about how our week went a couple weeks back so you have a snapshot of how our typical week goes.

Caroline is experiencing some moderate to severe separation anxiety.  A couple of weeks ago I could hear her in the nursery when I was all the way upstairs in my class with the doors closed.

Yep, I always have “that kid."

So, for now, I am hanging out with her in her class so as to not cause the 14 other babies to melt down as well.  This week we made a small gain because I mostly kept her in her seat and she mostly didn’t cry unless I tried to leave.   After lunch, we have a much needed Sunday nap and usually after that we have a nice slow afternoon.

We went to a birthday party at Pump It Up.  This was Caroline’s first Pump It Up experience and she was pretty impressed.  She is still perfecting her walk so she climbed and jumped on a few of the inflatables but mostly she just walked a few steps, laughed, fell down and then started the process over.   Jack even took a little time to show her his favorites.  That afternoon we had a playdate with Ethan and Ella.  Jack was dressed as Batman the entire time.  Caroline was supposed to nap but she refused to miss out on the fun.

Later on I realized she probably wasn’t napping because she was cutting tooth #9.

Jack had school so after Caroline’s nap we headed out for groceries.  She is not a fan of this chore.  Unless she has a snack in her hand, she thinks she needs to stand up and ride so, it makes for a long shopping trip.  This afternoon, Jack and I made shrimp spring rolls - they were pretty good with peanut sauce and Jack loved making them!

Caroline cut tooth #10 today.

One of my favorite days!  We have gotten together with some good friends on Wednesdays since Jack turned two.  Today we met Ms. Julie, Ms. Valerie, Hudson and Norah at Wonderwild.   This was Caroline’s first time to get to play here and she loved it.  It’s a nice place for the kids to play, and since it’s contained the grown ups can talk – fun for everyone!   
Caroline and Norah were obsessed with going down the slide so Ms. Valerie, Ms. Julie and I all went down the slide about 25 times each.  Whatever keeps those girls happy!  Jack and Hudson were obsessed with building the perfect fort (or house, depending on who was in charge at the moment).

Thursday & Friday
Jack had school so Caroline and I took it slow and ran some errands.  We made pudding pops and “smoothie pops” earlier in the week and had these for snacks.

Jack has no idea that the smoothie pops have spinach in them.

Jack’s favorite day of the week because Daddy is home.   Our favorite babysitter came today while Caroline napped and E.C. and I had a date!  We had a blast at the local Arts Festival and Jack and Caroline had a blast with Chandler!

I love days when everyone wins.

So there’s our typical week (all except for the date part). 

Jack does his reading lessons with me in the afternoons.  We are 75% of the way through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and he’s doing great.  We’ve gone at a really slow pace but he’s doing so well and I haven’t wanted to push him too much.

He is really into drawing right now.  I need to scan in some of his pictures.  He brought me some pictures the other day.  One, he explained “it is Jesus on the cross.”  One is “Jesus feeding the 5,000,” and the other is “the resurrection.”  I’m pretty impressed that he knows what the resurrection is, but I’m more than thrilled that this is what he chooses to draw and think about without prompting from us.

Caroline is a hoot.  Her curly hair and happy personality are just fun.  She’s almost 4 weeks post ear tube surgery now and seems so much happier now that her ears don’t hurt.  She’s also eating better; that part surprised me.  Last night she had chicken, squash, zucchini, avocado, green beans and red bell pepper... yep, all for supper.

She has a bunch of words now.  She knows what lots of animals say (bear, lion, dog, pig, cat).  She communicates well for 14 months.  The other day she was wearing her little white Keds.  She brought me one pink sandal and one white mary jane.  She sat down and pointed to her feet - she wanted to wear her other shoes!   Her favorite stuffed animal is Paloma the Pig and she goes everywhere with us! 

E.C. just got back from two back-to-back conferences, one in Florida and then one all the way out in Nevada.  I am so so so thankful that Bebe came to help!  The kids had a blast.  They got to play at the splashpad, make cranberry bread, eat ice cream in the middle of the day for no good reason and lots of tickling went on!


Roxanne said...

In the six minutes I have to sit still this morning, this is the blog I chose to read. . .and what a REWARD to get all the great details from Majesty herself. :) Loved reading "A Day in the Life Of. . ."

Donna said...

Yay for HM!!!! So good to hear from you! I can't believe Curly has ended up so spunky- I thought she'd be your chillaxed "freebie". She is so adorable and I'm so glad you go the ear tubes- Charlie was also a different baby after that. We need a phone chat soon! (Oh- and the pic of the boys jamming looks like you've got a stradivarius violin on the floor) :)