Friday, May 24, 2013

Prohibited Item #652

From H.M.:

No more gum.

Grrr!  About 2 weeks ago now, Jack got gum in his hair.  And all over his arms.  And all over his clothes.  And all over his bed.  And he pulled a chunk of hair out* while trying to get the gum out without getting caught.  And he has a bald spot.  Not kidding-  BALD.   And then, he went to sleep and slept in it.  (No, I am not kidding).  I got a lot of the gum out with Goo Gone but his hair was shredded so off to the salon we all went.

Mr. Dustin got him in ASAP and didn’t even charge me, even though it was a Saturday.   I told Jack “No more gum until you are 5 and if you are wiggly for this haircut you will be 6 before you can have gum again.”

Jack did not move a muscle. 

So, now he has a very pretty haircut and his blonde highlights are really showing.  Just don’t look in the back at the bald spot.

*I found this later in his garbage can.  Looked like a dead mouse.  -E.C.


Roxanne said...

Um. . .that close up of Caroline is painful to look at. Good grief but she is gorgeous. My own version of Caroline, Victoria, is very nearly 15 years old. And back in the fall something went amok with her hair one morning, so she cut it. A hank of hair. She cut it to about four inches. Did I mention that she is 5'6" tall and that her hair is down to her jean pockets? I feel your pain. Though no peanut butter or goo gone were involved.

El Comodoro said...

Perhaps she needed rope to escape.