Wednesday, June 19, 2013

He's A Soul Man

Got what I got the hard way / And I'll make it better each and every day 
So honey, don't you fret / 'Cause you ain't seen nothing yet
 I walked by The Dude's room this morning en route to bail out a yelling IttyBitty.  And I heard some B+ cover of Sam & Dave.  Didn't know Jack actually had any CDs of that sort, but apparently I don't keep up with developments around here.

I then hear a certain little boy belting out "I'M A SOUL MAAAYYYN!  I'M A SOUL MAAAYYYN!"

Yes.  Yes he is.


Bebe said...

Soul Man?? Well, alrighty! I still think his rendition of Soldiers of Christ Arise at approximately 6:20 a. m is the best !!!

Roxanne said...

A Soldier of Christ is, by definition, a Soul Man. :)