Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Road Tripping: Grammie and Grandpaw's

Last Saturday, we did a day trip up to my parents' house in East Texas.  The sun didn't really want to come out, but at least we were spared most of the day's heat.

It was a great little day.  Blackberries were eaten.  Ripe ones, green ones, whatever.  Tractors were climbed on.  Sweet tea, pinto beans, potato salad and brisket were all on order.  Little people ran around like they were crazed animals.  Animals mired in the tragic and debilitating throes of blackberry addiction.

So this June, let's all remember Blackberry Addiction Awareness Month.



Bebe said...

Looks like a fun day!! And oh,my!!! That pie is gorgeous!!

El Comodoro said...

Yeah, but ended up looking better than it tasted. I flubbed the pastry AND the sugar content. I ate it anyway.

Roxanne said...

A little vanilla icecream covers a multitude of sins in what I say. Plus, with blackberries, you get the pleasure of crunching the seeds in your teeth for hours after. Those days of little ones with grandparents are the sweetest thing of all. . .