Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tim Challies and Maslow's Hammer

"Do not allow yourself to ruin a beautiful moment by seeing it primarily as an opportunity to share it with strangers."
If you're not reading Tim Challies, you're the poorer for it.

Regular readers of my (irregular) posts will know about the complex relationship I have with social media.  So it's not a surprise that I'm reluctant to freely share blogs I read, websites I haunt, or columnists I never miss.  It's an easy way to try to elevate yourself, cobbling together this imaginary person that we all create for public display.

I read blindingly smart/funny/supercool people, and so I must be pretty darn smart/funny/way cool myself.  That's what we're saying, right?  You'll find no 375 link blogrolls on our sidebar.  NTTAWWT.

But I'll make an exception about sharing Challies.  Years and years ago, he started a little website to easily share family pictures and whatnot.  He then took to the idea of trying to blog every single day, for an entire year.  And he never really stopped.

I guess it helps a little when you're unbelievably gifted, though.  That little family blog became one of the most influential websites in the Christian world.

I have many theological quibbles and differences with him (he's deeply Calvinist, and I'm deeply, uh, not), but this dude is the best I've read at reconciling technology/modern living with Christianity since Gene Veith.  Probably better.

His writing is also incredibly focused on living out faith in every area - and I mean every area - of life.  Your money, who you invite for dinner, how you view sex, what you say online,  what you choose to wear.  And that's not only refreshing, it's challenging.  And sometimes just plain scary.  That's why I keep reading.

Link below.  Enjoy.

Challies.com - When You Are A Hammer

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And The Livin's Easy

It pays to be lazy around here.  And I'm talking a purposeful, directed laziness, here.  A scheduled, rigorous kind of lazy.  Which isn't easy to pull off.  So we've zeroed out any long road trips and making anything resembling big plans in lieu of hanging at the house.

Our schedule is as enjoyable as it is ridiculously simple:  You sit around until you get hot, doing whatever strikes your fool mind to do.  Then you dip in the pool.  Then you get back out until you get uncomfortably hot.  Then you slide back in the pool.

Every three rounds of surf 'n turf or so, you get a snack.  Naturally, you then hop back in the pool at least in part to wash all the banana smoothie gunk, graham cracker gravel, or black ice cream sandwich mortar off.

IF and I mean IF you decide to do something as harrowing and difficult as driving 125 yards down to your fishing spot, or jaunting over to the library, you immediately follow the trip with a... well, a splash or two in the pool.  (And a snack.)

This schedule solves at least two pesky issues, and probably many, many more:  (1) breaking up the whole submersion-in-liquid dimension of poolgoing (man, I hate getting pruney) and (2) making it appear as if you're not voluntarily spending 6 solid hours in the cee-ment pond every single day.  Which some people frown on.  Nobody I can name, mind you, but y'know, theoretically.

And an idyllic summer continues.  Like so: 



Tuesday, July 2, 2013