Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Summary

This is going to be an awful summary because I'm going to leave out all sorts of important things just because I don't have the will to describe them.  My bad.

I can't seem to get my stuff together long enough to sit down and write something.  And expecting it to be coherent may be even more of a stretch.

I'm really tempted to just link over to a friend's blog and let her give you the boildown on Jack's 5th birthday party and have done with it.

There were live snakes (5 of them if memory serves) in my living room during the party.  Really.  There were tortoises.  Turtles.  A pirate captain named Drew.  It seemed to really float a lot of little people's boats.  Sure, it gave some of the parents the jimjams, but y'know, you can't suit everybody.

I left all the photographic evidence of this in my other pants, so you can see a bit of the Reptile Regatta here.  (Thanks, Julie.  You're more of a responsible parent to my children than I am.  *Hangs head in shame*)

Jack started school.  I'm told that's a pretty big deal.  He even has classes in a BIG.  REHD.  BAHWN.  This makes a lot of sense as he's spent a good portion of his life either imitating animals or acting like one.  Back home, Jack's absence really bums The Ittybitty out in a major way.

I can't remember if this was before or after the whole start-of-formalized-education thing and/or the critter carnival, but we took Jack to ride the ferry down in Galveston on his actual birthday.  There's a lighthouse down there that I know absolutely nothing about.  At least that was the idea before it started raining buckets and we sat through two or three wrecks on the interstate.  Houston, baby!

But I thought Plan B turned out pretty good, as spur of the moment burfday trips go.  We wound around to the Natural Science History Science Natural Museum.  I think that was the name.  I would suggest that they rename it to the way more memorable and descriptive THE DINOSAUR AND MUMMY MUSEUM OF HOUSTON.

So The Dude got to see real, huge, old, fossilized, dead animals and shriveled, old, real, dead people.  And their gold and alabaster and basalt stuff.  Yeah, I know.  It may have been a bit too intense for little kids, but Jack seemed to dig it.  Whatever, man.  It was raining.  We would have counted tree rings for fun.  Caroline got to the hall with the massive dinoskeletauruses hanging everywhere and pulled her own card.  Nothing would help, and it was time to bolt.

Nerding out, if you didn't know, really gives you a killer appetite, and we were in the right part of town for El Tiempo.  We sat out under the damp patio and had brisket tacos and conchas and watched Jack malevolently abuse a Shirley Temple.  (Unfortunately I'll have to save the Shirley Temple story for another day.)

There's been even more nerding out around here.  Star Wars fanaticism has taken hold.  Jack scored a Lego X-Wing set, and got to watch the movie with Caroline.  They both sat there, transfixed.

At least they were quiet. 

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