Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Birthday Party Doubleheader

The endurance race that is September is in full swing.  Everyone on the darn color teevee tells you it's fall and that summer's finally over and that it's going to be getting chilly soon and then you walk out your front door and the sun and steam and heat drop on you like a Looney Tunes anvil.

We've mostly been hibernating inside with our dear friend the A/C, but did manage to saunter out for two (two!) birthday parties last Saturday.

Party number one (happy birthday, Norah!) went just fine until some of the female-type, so-called adults figured it would be fun to take allegedly funny pictures of people you profess to care for.  So I'm just minding my business, in the middle of my 34th chicken mini, and well, you can see what happened in the pictures below.

Jack and Hudson fought with swords, which was evidently thematic, since swords were also painted on their cheeks.  Whatever, man.

We hit a small snag trying to get back from Houstonistan, but let me give you some really great advice.  This is a home run, okay, so listen up.  If say, the battery on your truck were to suddenly pull up and die of a massive heart attack, then sitting in the middle of an old-timey, Mayberryesque neighborhood service station is about the best place in the galaxy to do that.  There you go.  No charge.

The next birthday party (many happy returns, Ella!) in the birthday party doubleheader was scheduled with just enough time for me and Jack to roll over to Sears and pick up a new battery and get it hooked up without zapping either of us.

Jack and Ethan spent most of the party on top of a play structure doing incredibly un-careful things while yelling that yes, they were indeed being tremendously careful.  Ella did unspeakable things to a little fondant cake, and I even got to play cameraman.  I really, REALLY hope I pushed "record."

Lastly, and very late, I include a terrible picture of my Labor Day setup for hickory smoking some birds, just to give this post a nice, smoky flavor.  Enjoy.

Heard on the Street
Upon hearing Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song as I dropped him off for school:
JMW:  "This band is a little scary, but I like it."

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