Monday, October 14, 2013

Marshmallow Ignition as Sport and Art

Including shameless posing, including comically gapped, do-it-yourself hair, including dinner with Soul Brother #1, in lieu of any actual writing, in lieu of any actual effort.



Anonymous said...

At least he did it to his own hair, and You girly does not seem to fear the marshmallow in the least. I miss the days of ruffle-edged onesies like the one she was wearing.

El Comodoro said...

Y'know, she was not that impressed with this whole consuming caramelized sugar gunk injected with air thing.

She had one, gave Majesty a look that said, "Meh," and that was about it.

Jack and I, however, were so hopped up that we were bouncing off the darn walls.

Jennifer said...

My thoughts exactly, at least he did it to his own hair. My mother cut her grandmother's hair one day while she was napping--her grandmother's extremely long, wear in a bun hair. It was very short after that.

Anonymous said...


If you have not seen the above video. . .go watch it now. HILARIOUS. Reminded me of an adventure you might have with one of yours. Majesty will enjoy it too.