Friday, November 15, 2013

The Big Queasy

Out of town wedding.  New Orleans.  Everybody in the family sick.  One hotel room that I'll refer to hereafter as "The Leper Colony."  Hot beignets.  A close personal relationship with the Canal Street Walgreens pharmacist.  Enough cough drop wrappers to line the interior of the Sistine Chapel twice over.  Stuffed animals on benders.

And you have not lived if you haven't ended up sharing a bed in an urgent care with your spouse.


Roxanne Langley said...

The pic of you and your bride at the urgent care center? Priceless. As is the inebriated cow photo. . .and boy, do I remember the days of sacked out kiddos in the back seat. It sounds as though you at least had some humor inserted--and loved the bride holding Caroline while Caroline held her right back.

Bebe said...

Yep-we do 't mess around when it comes to having a good time!!!

Jennifer said...

Love the urgent care picture. Nothing says "fun trip" like a room full of sickies.