Friday, April 25, 2014

On the Road, Part 1

I was thinking this would be Kerouacky sans all the drugs.  But then I read it.  We had as many drugs as those Beat cats ever did, man.  I give you a travelogue of sorts from our Sometime Guest Blogger, Runner of Things, Scheduler of Schedules and Sainted Wife: 

We need to do a little better on this blogging thing so here goes.

This poor baby had a double ear infection from her birthday (would not even eat her birthday cake) until the middle of March.  It was a tough 4 weeks with 3 rounds of antibiotics, poor sleeping, and just wanting to be held a whole lot.  She rallied as much as was possible - she does not like to miss out on having fun.  She doesn’t eat much when she has ear infections so the girl mostly survived on ice cream.  She’s in the 23% for weight anyway so we didn’t figure it would do too much damage.

 The girl is obsessed with band-aids.  She has a big, puffy, pink “C” that hangs over her bed that Bebe made for her.  One day she pulled it down and it ripped a little.  She wanted me to put it back up on her wall but I said I would have to fix it because it was torn.  Caroline looked at me and said “It need band-aid?”

My most favorite word she says:  down-fers (downstairs).

Jack is doing great in school, they have started sending him up to Kindergarten some for reading, even though at 5 ½  he is reading on about a 3rd grade level.  A few weeks back we let him skip school so Morgan could take him to the rodeo.  [ALLEGEDLY skip school. -ed.]   
He had a blast and came home with a cowboy hat and boots.   For lunch that day he ate a hotdog and a chicken leg.  [It was a turkey leg.  And you forgot the boudain.  And the ice cream.]  His “cowboy” accent is so, so funny.  It’s amazing to me how clean his accent normally is, considering Mama is from south Alabama and Daddy is from Texas. 

He got in trouble recently for “losing his temper”.  A few days later he came running to me to say that he had “found his temper!”  I’m not sure what he found, or if he gets what that phrase means at all.

He lost his first tooth!  Actually, the dental hygienist pulled it at his cleaning.   He seemed surprised but didn’t get upset at all.  The tooth fairy left him $10 because she was too lazy to go get change.

Spring Break
I want to remember that this was a really fun week, despite the fact that we drove 1,800 miles [1,900+] and Caroline had a double ear infection and I had bronchitis for most of the week.

We started out in Mobile.  Got to see cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends during the week.  We spent one day at Dauphin Island with Nolan, Eli and Georgia.  The water was cold so the kids just got their feet wet.  The weather was beautiful, so they happily played in the sand, chased birds, climbed sand dunes and had a picnic.

We also spent some time in Birmingham and stayed with Uncle “Bate.”  One day we went to the zoo.  They have a wonderful zoo!   We saw a komodo dragon lumbering around, a giant anaconda slithering into a pool of water, and the larakeets even landed on Jack.  [Incredibly, that was all that landed on him.]  We ate yummy food:  pizza, Greek and of course, tacos!  [Because, y'know, it's... Alabama.]  Caroline slept in Blake’s giant closet in her pack n play and Jack slept on a blow up mattress in the guest room with Uncle Blake.  Uncle Blake read to Jack but Jack could not go to bed until Blake was in there too.  Jack even slept until 9:30 one day, the latest he’s ever slept in his life!

We also got to see one of my high school BFF’s, Donna, and her family while we were in B’ham.   It was so much fun and they were wonderful hosts!  Our families get along so well together- I wish we lived closer!  Had dinner at Donna and Marc’s house one evening and then went out to see Donna’s parents and their farm another day.

The kids went for a tractor ride while eating ice cream cones.  We toured the barn, got to swing in the gazebo, we threw rocks in the water and rode [or, were made to power] the paddleboat.  And, Mrs. Becky had prepared a wonderful lunch for us!  Even Caroline (who only eats ice-cream when she has an ear infection) ate Mrs. Becky’s lunch with no complaints, even when the big kids left her all alone.

Heading out of Birmingham we stopped in Montgomery to see my cousin, Brian and his wife, Marcella.  We visited with them in their new house and then went out for pizza.  We enjoyed having some time to catch up with them and see another city!  I think we ate pizza 3 times that week- but no one was complaining!

Great trip - looking forward to the next one!

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