Thursday, July 17, 2014

Documenting Summer

Summer strolls along.  Were there some completely normal mild concussions (Caroline) and also completely normal partially torn Achilles tendons (Jack) along the merry way?  You bet your back righthand Levi's pocket there were.  Again, completely normalAll is well!.  (UPDATE:  Make that a partially torn Achilles tendon with a steaming side of heel fracture.  Terrific.)

But yeah, willingly (!) launching yourself off high/softish objects only to slam suddenly onto much lower/hardish objects is quite the fad around our pad, man.  The folks in the doctor's office laugh at Majesty when she comes in the door.  Because it's the seventh time.  This week.

We can only hope the fad is temporary.  I mean, at this point I'd welcome the return of disco.

Behold inter alia Groupie Dragonflies, The Brazen Misappropriation of Other People's Ginger Ale, Royal Weddings, and (Allegedly) Illegal Fireworks Celebrating Royal Weddings.