Monday, April 4, 2016

The 2014 Recap in B Major... A Year Late

EDITOR'S NOTE This was parked in 'draft' and left unfinished.  Yeah, from 2014.  I got a chuckle out of it, so y'know... I give up. -EC, April 2016

I told you I had zero ability to predict posts around here.  But to be honest, I've been putting this off, if only because it gets easier to put something off once you've put it off a few times.  Or fifty.

2014 was a wild one.  I still have no idea whether it was good or bad - it simply was.

And it's very easily described with the letter B.  Hey, that's as arbitrary as anything else would be.  Look, I've been doing a lot of Sesame Street lately, okay?

I have about 3 to 5 posts in here, all written, and for some reason cannot pull the trigger on them.  I'm not sure if the stuff's no good and I know that deep down, or if it's some weird protest about how provocatively open everyone seems comfortable with their lives being these days.  Whatever I was/am a bit shy lately.

Boise, Bittersweet
We know some people up there.  We went.  We took still more friends up there with us.  We had a lovely, lovely, lovely time.  Really, it was wonderful, and I miss The West.  THE DIRTY ROTTEN WEST THAT TOOK OUR FRIENDS AWAY FROM US.

Busy, Beleaguered
Everything and everyone around these parts has been busy.  I've no idea if that's just the way things will continue to go, but we're doing all we can to actively combat that.  Not scheduling much, trying to leave the free time free.  It seems we live - this is the collective We - we live too fast.  During 2014, I finally embraced the prospect, or even the goal of not having my kids proficient in 4 languages, 3 instruments, 7 sports, and making all the superficial adjustments that make one eligible for the Ivy League.  If any of that happens, great.  But we're not Tigermomming our kids into stress and and inadequacy and despair and overwork.  I mean, that's what your actual career is for.

Broken, Buzzed
I've had shoulder surgery before and it was absolutely no big deal.  You get some new scars, a morphine pump, and a big pile of Darvocett.  Then you watch Band of Brothers in its entirety 4 times.  You swear it was only twice.  Problem solved.

Well, an older, frailer, stupider me had sliiiiightly more complicated shoulder surgery in November for a semi-nagging injury held over from this summer.  It ruined my life for months.  No, really.  Hopped up on oxy with your wing strapped to your side as you try to restructure big swaths of your business and fight chronic insomnia is a terribly foolish idea.  And people, I am nothing if not bravely foolish.  Foolishly overconfident.  Whatever, I'm a true blue idiot, however you cut that.

So be kind to your shoulders.  They're stern taskmasters when crossed.

Barking Mad (Charlie)
I still cannot believe I got Jack a puppy.  He's the most beautiful dog I've ever seen.  Yes, even over the Dear Departed First Mate (RIP).  But getting this monster just illustrated the terrible lack of judgement that I apparently displayed for the last half of 2014.  Wow.

(Caroline.  Wow.  I mean, wow.)
(Jack's Great Sports Awakening of 2014)

As in shaking in one's (me preaching for the 1st time since I was probably 16) and Jack's fancy new boots and hat (Houston Rodeo).

Blown away...  that yet another year is in the books.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Time for Your Annual CJMP Post

So I guess it's been awhile.

Not much time to write, to read, or to do much of anything but live out life on our particular postage stamp of the globe.  Hey, I hear last Sunday was Easter.  Let's take a look!  By the way, the dress on the now 4YO second born here was apparently sported by Majesty when she was FIVE.  Let that one sink in.  Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!